Signs of the End! Mayan Calendar

Signs of the End!
THIS VIDEO IS NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. Solar & Mayan signs of the end of the age. The segment of the Mayan calendar is from the TimeLife ‘Lost Civilization’ series. NOAA’s just coming to it themsleves: www.magazine.noaa.gov Solar scientists at… Continue reading

Let’s Play AdventureCraft: Mayan Temple Mayan Temple

Let's Play AdventureCraft: Mayan Temple
In this splendid episode with Brian, experience the first ever map in the stand-alone mod, AdventureCraft, the Mayan Temple! If you have nothing better to do (which I’m assuming you all don’t) then this is the best video out there… Continue reading

Mayan Temples and The Book of Mormon Mayan Temple

Mayan Temples and The Book of Mormon
Recently, archaeologists have discovered the creation engraved in a Mayan temple in El Mirador, Guatamala. This is the same creation from the Popul Vuh, a Mayan work which relates many Biblical stories including the creation, and the great flood in… Continue reading