Mayan Temples and The Book of Mormon Mayan Temple

Mayan Temples and The Book of Mormon
Recently, archaeologists have discovered the creation engraved in a Mayan temple in El Mirador, Guatamala. This is the same creation from the Popul Vuh, a Mayan work which relates many Biblical stories including the creation, and the great flood in Noahs time. It was thought that these stories were influenced by Catholic Priests, but, as this clip shows, there may be a more ancient setting for these stories. This is a CNN report, which shows the discovery of the largest pyramid to date, along with a carving of the Mayan creation dated to around 300 BC This may place the stories of the Popul Vuh, and it’s Christian stories, to pre-Columbian times. For more information in LDS apologetics, visit our website at and Thanks to THELDSLIFE, we now have a transcript of this video in English and Spanish here:

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